Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Impression: Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP

You can now play as Touma, Index, Biribiri (Mikoto) or any other of your favorite Toaru Majutsu no Index characters on your PSP. As most fans of the series would know, the game is set in the futuristic world where science and magic exists together hanging in a delicate balance.
The limited edition box set comes with a Misaka Mikoto figma which can only be found in this set. It's quite a hefty price at $130. I was a little bit disappointed that some of the parts from the custom Misaka Mikoto figma which was showcased some time ago is not available in this box set. There was tons of poses that I was hoping to make for her.

Anyways, here's what available in the box set! Pictures I took wasn't really that great since I used my phone. I think it's time to get myself a new camera.

I've only tried the game for a little while. The story line seems to follow the anime, and it videos from the anime series as well. The battle part of the game though, feels a little like FMA and Bleach, and it feels a little hard to execute combos well. I was hoping more of a Melty Blood or Blaze Blue style of battle, or at least something like Busou Shinki: Battle Masters. Also, from the game's opening sequence, it looks like characters which have yet to appear in the anime series will also make their appearance in the game, though I'm thinking they might appear in the current season two.

The game is fully voiced which is always a thumbs up in my book

Here are some screenshots from the game. I only took from the beginning parts all the way to the first battle with Stiyl Magnus.

I wasn't able to capture more of the fighting scenes though, too busy playing. I'm kinda looking forward to completing this game and planning to grab Toaru Kagaku no Railgun which will be available on April 28th.

You can grab Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP Limited Ed or Regular version at Play-Asia.

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