Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K-ON!! - Past, Present and Future

Anyone could guess Yui will have no clue what her future goals are. I for one thought that she'll start a band or something but I didn't expect Ritsu to be clueless either. Nodoka was thinking they might end up as NEETs and Yui simply wrote that and University on her questionnaire just so she could be with Nodoka. She also wrote Miro's and Mugi's idea down just to be stopped by Mio. I'm got a good laugh by Yui's and Ritsu's reaction when it comes to English. Yui-Ritsu baka-combo never cease to amaze me.

Things got sidetracked a little from future career to their childhood. Nodoka explained to them how she first met Yui and how she hasn't changed at all and being in the same class for every year. Mio took the spotlight with her fourth grade award winning essay and how Ritsu trained her to overcome stage fright by imagining them as pineapple heads while reading her paper. I have to agree though that Yui's innocent smile gets anyone to forgive her when she made some mistakes like the case of the tako-less takoyaki or wanting to be a kindergarten teacher just to play with kids.

Back to the present, Sawako-sensei talked to Yui and Ritsu aboout her reasons of wanting to become a teacher just to get depressed by it. The baka-duo did try to comfort her but got shot down again with Yui's "You're still single" comment. She rejected Yui's and Ritsu's idea of becoming musicians right up. Was it due to the earlier comment? Most likely.

Nodoka laughed really hard at the musician idea, which feels a little bit out of character. I'm much surprised at Ui's future plans of going wherever Yui goes because she's worried and I believe she's right to do that. In the end, Yui write down "Will do the best I can for now" which got flat out rejected.

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