Friday, May 14, 2010

B Gata H Kei - It's Time For Pool! It's Summer!

Part 1
Battle of idols, Yamada vs Kyouka! I'm surprised Yamada could play the Oshieta A to Z with the recorder well but she has more trouble than worrying about with instruments to play. It's time for pool and since Takeshita recommended her to show of her good qualities, she decides to battle it out with her body even though she know she'll lose in the chest department and later, decides to beat her nemesis in a speed swimming showdown. It's too bad that she lost round one despite cheating for a headstart and her ego got wounded even more when Kyouka insulted her at the end even when she was the best swimmer last year.

Asking a pro for help backfired when both Kyouka and Chika get along well on their first meeting with incredible mutual understanding but as a consolation, Kosuda asked her out for summer vacation. Too bad she self-destructed with her busy schedule

Part 2
With nothing to do during summer vacation, Yamada decides to stalk Kosuda just to find out he's on a trip with his family. Yamada felt warm hearted at first but once she found out he'll be with Miyano she panicked that she walked to the park that's far out in the wild that she got lost. It got weird when she hitch-hiked some guys to go to war. Seeing her all trigger happy like the wolf she is was quite amusing in way.

Despite all the whacky thigs, she managed to meet up with Kosuda and even got some quality time together after clearing up some wild misunderstanding by taking a picture of her for the first time. It's a good thing Kosuda didn't notice Yamada trying to strip or it'll all go down to nothing.

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