Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kiss X Sis - Fanservice not included

With his exams getting nearer and nearer every second, Keita decided to study at what seemed to be the most peaceful place on the planet, the library. Meanwhile, Riko searched high and low for him at home; from the empty pot to her sister's crotch.

Episode 4 is more on the twins' reminiscing on their middle school days and character development rather than the epic fanservice like the first three episodes. Keita became someone colder and distant to them during their middle school years, most probably because they're now in different schools. They even dated some of the guys in middle school, which was Riko's spur of the moment idea, just to realize boys are worst kind filthy creatures. Peeking at their elementary school younger brother during P.E made them realize their feelings for him and decides he's the only one for them.

Back to Keita, after some trouble with Mikazuki, Keita left the school and sidetracked to a shrine. He met up with his sisters who's praying for him. It's funny how Riko's prayer got answered in almost an instant though. While he mentioned he doesn't really believe in gods, he used to present all of his New Year's gift into the offering box and prayed to marry his sisters just to find out polygamy is not legal in Japan later on. It's kinda cute when he became even more determined when Riko and Ako decides to stay with another person if Keita failed to get in their school that he offered all his money and prayed extra hard to pass despite not believing in gods.

Despite being a series known for its mouth watering fan-service, this episode doesn't have any, other than their teacher's delusion. But my guess is, it might return on the next episode.

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