Wednesday, May 5, 2010

K-ON!! - Ton-chan grew up!!

For those who watched the seniors going to Kyoto for their field trip, this episode is for Ui and Azusa that stayed behind. It made me wonder why the rest of the club members have nori (seaweed) as their eyebrow in Azusa's mind. Personally, I find that weird. Well, not as weird as Jun's idea of the keionbu playing kick-the-can under the sunset.

The merry mischieve of Azusa, Ui and Jun starts with Ui fetching her sister's lunch box in the 3rd year class. It was pretty surprising for Ui to start crying when she realized Yui's not coming home. For someone who looks independant, she's pretty much dependant on her sister. Azusa and Jun decides to sleep over in return, she have to help out with the Jazz Club. The fun started when Azusa starts teaching finger stretching exercises to the first years and Ui rocking later on the next day to feed Ton-chan. Well, she did pose as Yui back in season one and played a few songs with them.

I've never in my life seen a super-all-star-pack donuts; if there's such a thing at all but Jun's amazement to Ui's dinner is not much of a surprise; I'm more surprised on how much the sisters eat everyday and not gain a pound. Well, the sleepover wasn't that eventful until the next day where Ui learned to bat in seconds and got an extra large Ton-chan stuffed toy for getting a homer.

Getting her 'bu' souvernir left me wondering for a moment until the rest of the club took out their keychains, spelling everything out to me. For those who are wondering, Ritsu, Mugi and Mio got a 'kei', 'i' and 'o'  respectively.

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