Saturday, July 31, 2010

Memory Stick Fit For Hatsune Miku Fans!

With the release of Project Diva 2, SEGA released loads of Vocaloid themed products for the PSP. There's the Hatsune Miku PSP Pack, that casing, that little strap...well generally any kinds of PSP accessories you can think of. Now to make that PSP of your 100% Miku, there's even going to be a Memory Stick which should be out by September 30th! Don't be fooled by that 3.9GB plastered at the front, it's really a 4GB; I've yet to see manufacturers making 3.9GB memory sticks. The price? It's 3,939 yen ($44), which most Memory Sticks cost. And oh, you should try Project Diva 2, it's a great game and is much more challenging that the the first one.

Via: Siliconera

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