Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kissxsis -First Impressions

From the same company that brought you the Twin-Ero-Incest OVA, FEEL, they have now return with the TV Series!

Keita and his twin elder sister, Riko and Ako are not blood related as their parents are remarried. Well, I guess you won't really call this incest but they are still his sisters. There are many scenes in just the very first episode that will leave the guys full of envy.

First my sisters, next the world!

Well, jokes aside the series started off with Keita crying while his sisters are protecting him against stray dogs during their childhood days. On their way back, they made a promise to stay together forever and Keita was still like a pampered boy who always ask them to kiss him. Which might be why they simply love to kiss.

We'll always be together~

Life as Keita is not as easy as it seems. You get your new and worn undies stolen why you're in the bath and had to eat burn stew while your sisters are too busy admiring those boxers. With their parents out on a trip with the neighborhood association, Keita feels his virtue is at risk and sets up multiple defenses in his room before heading to bed. Well, it seems those defenses have no meaning to Riko and Ako when he woke up to find himself tied up and helpless.
I did this and that to the twins yesterday :3

Welcome home, darling!

Once I kill Ako, Keita's all mine *evil laugh*

The smell of fresh men pantsu

 I got pantsu still fresh with Keita's scent! And it's all mine!

 Keita: I'm worried they added in love potion like they did the other day...

Parents: Have fun kids! You won't need protection so enjoy the night!

Keita: Now my virtue is safe!

Being tied up is fun too!

 Ako & Riko: We're not letting you sleep tonight!

 At this point, I started to get jealous of him...

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the flow and and how it started out. The animation is pretty much my standard. I was expecting it to be something similar to Ladies vs Butlers! but like the OVA, it is pretty tamed. We wouldn't know until the only station to air it and is ero-friendly, AT-X, air the rest of the episodes.

Introducing the ero-loli kouhai, Mikazuki!

Ako fanclub and

Riko fanclub...

A scene you'll see everyday when there are only two women left on earth.

Meanwhile, back in school...
 Keita was being friendly with Mikuni...why does it always has to be him!?

A familiar scene at Natsu-comi.

Mikazuki: I thought men like loli T_T

Meet the parents.

Who the hell do you think I am!?

That's it from me. They introduced loli Mikazuki and big-boobed-meganekko Mikuni in this episode with Mikazuki showing off her innocent styled panchira and Keita's fatefully memorable meeting with Mikuni. Their parents are one of a kind as well as they encourage them and is even thinking of who he will be married to. Just a note though, his dad have this odd similarity to Kamina from Gurren-Lagann. Anyone noticed his unique pointing style?

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