Friday, April 23, 2010

B Gata H Kei - Christmas, Yamada style!

Christmas Eve is around the corner and Chika brought home a man. Unlike her sister, she seems to be more experienced in manipulating men. Now why doesn't Yamada ask her for advice?

Kosuda wanted to invite Yamada on a date, but one problem after another, he discovered he has no idea what's a date like. In the end, he invited her out. Yamada acted all tsun and left after agreeing and one hidden, jumped with joy. Her wish for a magnitude 7 at the hotel might come true no? But if it comes too easily, the fun is gone so I'm guessing a no.

Yamada's killer abilities, the lack of aim 'Yamada Eye' and its extention 'Search Mode' wasn't much of a use but hey, it's all fun and games when it comes to her one tracked mind that Kosuda's present meant a 'green light'. It is really nice that their first kiss came up with no problems (banzai!!). Yamada still have some himility in her and ran off hid behind a pole and got all embarrased like a normal girl.

A walk in the park isn't that bad but a walk at the Lover's Park got the innocently slow Kosuda nervous. Yamada made many bold moves, however, she's pretty much embarrased in doing so. But the highlight is when Yamada forcefully made Kosuda grope her breasts. Continuing on was a bad idea though when a horde of peeping toms comes into the scene.

Kosuda is still wondering if Yamada is actually likes him or is just fooling around and you can't blame him for thinking the latter. Afterall, Yamada is simply out of his league and he's your plain old average Joe. But all in all, for an adult-themed humor this is the best yet I've seen and from the looks of it, even Kosuda wanted to go for gold!

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