Friday, April 30, 2010

B Gata H Kei - Pantsu kudasai

Dear diary, today, I saw Yamada's...

It's Valentine's Day and with Yamada leveled up again, she's gonna make chocolates; only after Takeshita reminded her that she was supposed to make chocolates.
Part 1

As usual, Valentine's Day is when girls starts buying chocolates and put their heart and soul to create their best home-made chocolate yet and present in to their guy friends. Well, that just not Yamada. She complained around why she has to do such a thing and not the one in the receiving end.

Earlier on, Takeshita met Mayu and found out she's the perfect housewife and Kosuda is much better off with her than the 24/7 sex thinking fiend Yamada. Even her chocolate cakes scores a hundred with any guy will kill for while Yamada's chocoballs was deadly enough to kill of his fish when he tested them out for poison. I do feel bad, however, that Mayu's feeling will never be reciprocated though...

Part 2

A day with no pantsu, that's what Yamada decides to do to recharge her ailing ero-power after she overheard her classmate going nopan. Skirts in school are quite short that if you're not careful enough, anyone can see your bare bottoms. I should really recommend her to use a longer sock for a Grade B or Grade A Zettai Ryouiki. That might actually make Kosuda jump at her later on.

With Yamada's new found 'pleasure' her ero-power is increasing rapidly, even to the extent of thinking of having laws against pantsu to make women hornier and help in the declining birth rate and masturbating in class. I did get a chuckle at the law idea though. Her question to the puzzled Kosuda deserves a prize and well, she got her answer in an unexpected way.


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