Monday, September 23, 2013

Deck Analysis - Project Diva F

Another day, another post since my last one. While I was contemplating on what kind of things to post next, almost two months have passed and...nothing? Well, this time around rather than my usual ramblings on Cardfight!! Vanguard, I have decided to write about another card game that I'm playing; Weiss Schwarz.

To be honest, I started WS as soon as Project Diva F trial deck was released in March after all that waiting and then continued on with expending the deck once the booster boxes is out. Some touted the whole Project Diva F series as weak while others say it's okay, but not that competitive. I can't really comment on that much since I simply play WS for fun. Still, I did manage to beat some tournament decks with this series.

I have 3 Project Diva F decks, all with different themes and styles. Out of the three, I have received quite a number of praises from veteran players since they are quite unique builds that they have never seen before for the two of them. As for the other one, I was told it is a unique build by itself, but it's not that original since there are others who have build something similar. For now, I shall introduce my Yellow-Red deck which I named "Rin-chan bait and switch!" I've highlighted their names in colors so that you can identify which color group they belong to.

Level 0:

Level 1:
Well, from a first look, it seemed messy. This deck plays with three colors, yellow as the primary, red for the primary support with blue for secondary support. I've linked each cards to a site that translates them; and yes, it's still messy even if you stare at them to see what combo with what.

While you're sitting there racking your head, here's an explanation broken down into different levels.

For my level 0 Blue, "Bad Boy Len" is pretty much one of those card that gets skipped over fairly easily but I like his ability. His first ability is okay, becoming a universal booster only during your opponent's turn but what I'm more interested in is his 2nd ability to sacrifice himself to "revive" a character when that character is placed into the waiting room. This card is good if you are low on stock and somehow your opponent killed your level 3. You can revive that character for almost no cost. "Solitude Miku" is a strong card by herself. If she's all alone at the front row of the stage she becomes a level 1 with 3500 power. Add in "2 x Love Squad No.1 Miku" as the back support and you have a 4500 wall that can't be penetrated until your opponent reaches level 1. Yellow have the vanilla "Future Style Rin", "Tricker Len" that gains when called to stage from hand and "Append Len" that gains power during your turn. These cards are pretty basic so I won't explain much. "Love Squad No.1 Miku" is your universal 500 power booster. Her second ability is good, but quite costly in my opinion.

Level 1 is quite weird to some but the key card here is "Striped Bikini Rin". Her ability is quite strong for a Level 1 that if you pretty much have a field full of Rin/Ren, she becomes 6500 beater. "Rin-chan Love Squad No.1 Miku" is an added bonus. Because she have "Rin" in her name, "Striped Bikini Rin" skill will still be activated. Having two these will simply boost "Striped Bikini Rin" further to 7500, and almost for free too! Did I mention her skill is continuous? That means she's huge wall to defend with too. "Butterfly Rin" is your counter card which is quite self explanatory. Event card, Melancholic, helps you search for a character card from the deck that you may need, be it now or in a few steps ahead. "Soft Light Luka" is your encore card. She's another big wall by herself and can encore herself by discarding a card from hand.

The next level, Level 2, is where the fun actually begins. I shall skip yellow, and start with red. "Red Pillar MEIKO" is one of those card that is overlooked easily. Just by having a support card, she gains 2000 power. A 9500 power level 2? Sign me up! She's also my target for clocking or encore drops. But...but you said she's good!? Why you throw her away so easily? I shall explain this as soon as I finish this sentence. "Scissors Rin" is a card you combo with the climax card "Tokyo Teddy Bear". Her combo ability is that you can pay one stock, retire one card in the stage and call out a music character in the waiting room that is equal or lower than your level. So if you only have a G0 in hand to call out, to worries, retire that card with this combo and call out "Red Pillar MEIKO" if you're at Level 2 or call out a Level 3 if you're at level 3. Quite neat no? You save some stock if you're low as well as trade a bad card for a better one at the same time. Most opponents that faced this skill calls it disgusting; I say it's trolling. "Append Rin" is your card with the change ability to change to "Original Rin" while "Maple Scent Luka" is another counter to screw up your opponent's plan.

Level 3 is pretty standard. Their ability is quite straight forward in itself.

You won't see climax cards here that dish out lots of damages. This deck aims to only "poke" your opponent with 1 or 2 damages each time. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" will only add in one soul and have a burn effect as well so that if the opponent cancelled the attack, he still needs to take another one. "World's End Dance Hall" helps you salvage for a card you need in the waiting room.

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