Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Common Sense?

Teaching is a though job (it is!). I know as I work in an school, but not as a teacher though and if you've seen last week's episode, you know what Rick is getting himself into. Teaching kids with basic common sense is hard enough but teaching those guys living under the bridge whom has little to no common sense? Good luck out there Rick.

Having an open air classroom right under the bridge doesn't sound so bad despite its low attendence. Getting the Chief the box seat and having crush Hoshi's ego with Nino's wish of getting perfect attendence even if his concert is on. Even teaching the Tetsujin brothers about magnets made them thought he has supernatural powers. It's all fun and good, until Stella came around demaning 100 trilion yen just to run the school on her so-called turf. Ignoring her doesn't work that she even barged in their rocket experiment.

Stella's yakuza talk made it all humorous and a little weird at the side but one can guess she's just lonely without the brothers around. I found a new light in her, until she wrote her wishes her bottle rocket good luck charms. Things got pretty nice for while but Sister had to go and defuse the bottle rocket. And afterwhich, praised Stella which Rick had trouble doing with her killer instinct directing right at him.

Gags are plenty this as usual. And oddly enough, I really liked the part when Chief can adjust his hair length to his liking. Last but not least, we finally have people who were actually searching for him but he starts to ask himself the almighty question - What is common sense?

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