Thursday, April 22, 2010

K-ON!! - Tale of the Cheating Gitaa

HTT's newest member, Ton-chan, is a hit with the band. Yui goes all 'aww it's so cute!!' while Mugi is the generic 'it's cute' and is an expert. Mio in the other hand didn't find it that cute whatsoever while Azusa goes on about taking care of it. For a turtle, it sure seem to understand humans...Tama-chan?

Ritsu have one of those days; getting sick of the drums since she was practically invisible while on stage. Yui lent "Gitaa" to her but started crying and wailing that it was cheating on her. Oddly enough, that part cracked me up. Ritsu gave up on it moments later.

The main highlight of this episode is definitely Ritsu. Truth be told, of all episodes of K-ON!, Ritsu really hasn't been featured that much. She tries on the guitar and keyboard and we discovered one of Yui's meaningless talent; to decipher a talking keyboard.

Yui's came out with various ideas to help Ritsu's invisibility problem. Changing position of the drums didn't help and the idea of putting Ritsu under her spotlight is definitely funny but her idea of having the band communicate with Ritsu by looking at the back definitely deserves a cookie from me. In the end, Ritsu remembered the very reason why she started drumming and decides to stick with it.

I'm curious what happened to Sawa-chan's face. They didn't show it, but I guess KyoAni didn't want to spoil it for her. Mugi wrote a new song - Honey Sweet Tea Time. No lyrics for now but it'll be interesting what Mio would do about it.

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