Friday, June 18, 2010

Mac Mini Mid 2010 Torndown and Stripped!

Whenever new products gets into iFixit's hands, they fear the worst just for our viewing pleasure. The new Mac Mini is now their new "victim" and has been dissected - and fairly easily. Guess the putty knives can sit out of this teardown! There are many noticeable changes that can be found in this small beast!
  • It's thinner and wider than the previous Mac Mini model
  • Twist the black plate for fan and RAM access. Yeap, no more putty knives!
  • Removing and installing RAM is fairly easy - pry the two clips and it'll pop out!
  • Fans are energy efficient and can be removed easily.
  • The top WIFI antenna  is hidden near the hard disk!
  • The new Mini's power supply churns out a minuscule 7 Amps at 12V. That's low!
Still, this baby could do better if they have upgraded it to at least a Core-i3.

Via: iFixit

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