Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss X Sis - Akiba Mania!

Episode chock full of cameos as we'll see Azu-nyan (by Ako), an oh-so-familiar guitar and the sound-so-familiar "nyaa". So what is the similarity between them? For starters, Azusa, Ako and the "nyaa" are from K-ON!, Kiss x Sis and Mayoi Neko Overrun! (as Nozomi) are all voiced by Taketatsu Ayana. Did I mentioned cosplays?

It all started out with their father winning a new PC. While Keita just want to get the computer, Riko and Ako have other plans in mind like that ero-game to go with the new PC. But before they actually went to Akiba, Riko and Ako have a fun filled night the day before with their dad's PC searching for porn. I just couldn't stop but giggle when they tried every dirty little words that pops up in their head just to be blocked by the adult content filter. I even learned new words I never even heard of before. Guess you can learn new stuff from anime eh?

To distract Keita, Ako took him to a cosplay shop where they met Yuzuki-sensei dressed up as Mahoro from Mahoromatic and she even sounded almost like her when she said Mahoro's famous catchphrase.  She came across Riko at the eroge store when she managed to escape from Ako and got into a tight situation and again when Ako came looking for Riko. Who would have thought Kiryuu Yuzuki-sensei was a hardcore fujoshi. Too bad their cover was blown when Keita found out minutes later.

It's hard to take Yuzuki-sensei seriously when she lectured the siblings and kidnapped Keita when his sisters aren't looking and things got weirder when she took him to a military cafe. I got a good laugh when she went into her delusional world again showing off her masochistic side when the waitress asked for her order. She found out her favorite Naoe Kanetsugu is the shop's popular character and got in the mood right away. After Keita stood up for his sisters when Yuzuki told him off and upon leaving, fell onto her just to be seen by Ako and Riko. Mikazuki ended up covering for her in the end though it does feel like Yuzuki is under her thumb.

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