Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kissxsis - When the tank is full...

We've seen her plenty of times throughout the previous episodes being Keita's unfortunate victim - even though it is all an accident. I expected for Keita to be Mikuni's welcoming committee member for her introduction in the series. True enough he was there with the perfect timing while telling his buds his ideal type. There's also a special guest appearance by Plug and Sento. I didn't realize the relation between KissxSis and Juuden-chan until a little later.

Riko has a bizzare sense of smell and wicked detective skills but her guesses were half right. Plug's cameo appearance in this series just sparked an idea in me. It could be the next family-safe anime like Kanokon but back to the main topic, Keita was pretty troubled about it but he did received divine enlightenment back in his room.

It started raining as Keita met Mikuni once again in the library. In her eyes, Keita is the perverted sick bastard that is not satisfied even with his own sisters that she'd even not take a short toilet break just so she would not lower her defenses. She even ran for her life when he's trying to return her student's guidebook. Touch luck eh?

Mikuni's unfortunate incident was the equation to Juuden-chan's appearance. Boy did I get snicker out of it. Their eye contact communication was just hilarious and at the same time, I wouldn't really call it that. The dew on the leaf akin to her limit on holding was a great reference and while Keita managed to get them out of the locker, well, let's just say the tap burst (which was all in her head). Too bad her streak of bad luck continued on.

Although it's funny, I'm not really much of a fan of golden showers or am I ever going to understand it. I'm much more interested in Riko's ane-radar and its search capabilities. That said, drinking lemon tea was a bad idea while watching this episode.

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