Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Impression: Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd PSP Accessory Set

If you're a Vocaloid fan, you'll definitely have to get this accessory set! It comes with everything a PSP owner would need. I have to admit, it's a little costly but considering it's not that easy to get, it's money well spent! There is a downside though, some of the stuff is not compatible with the PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 series as it is originally made for the PSP-3000 series.

The accessory set comes with a turquoise silicon cover, a UMD case, a pouch, strap, decoration sticker and cleaning cloth, each featuring designs and colors taken from Miku. It's definitely a great set to go with if you have a turquoise colored PSP. Now, on with my review~~. Oh yea, I took pictures using my phone, so the quality might not be that great.

Out of the box~

First up, is my favourite - the silicon case. No, it's not your everyday turquoise silicon cover, it's a twin tailed cover, Miku's featured hairstyle and hair color, now who wouldn't like this? The silicon has a soft, comfortable feel and clothing my PSP in it was fairly simple - just don't overstretch it as you might tear the case. It did make my PSP looked and feel bigger and fits in the hand without a hitch. You might still need to get use to the extra 'hair' at the bottom since it'll be resting on your palms, but hey, it did makes the PSP looked a little cuter!

Twin-tailed silicon case anyone?

You can see Miku on the right if you look carefully!

My PSP is blue, but the case still looks good on it!

Nothing much on the back beside Miku on the right!

Neatly covering the USB port and camera attachment holes

Up next, is the one thing that rivals the case, the strap. Like the silicon case, it's turquoise in color and comes with a square button Miku's hairband and Miku's hair. The strap and the extras looks brilliant with its glossy finish and fits in the wrist nicely. It is a little difficult to strap it on the PSP as the strap is made of synthetic leather, and is quite hard to loop. As for the button hairband and hair, there's a hook to attach it to the strap. Be warned though, the hook appears to be brittle so try not to be too rough when attaching it.

Strap, hairband

Too glossy, had to switch off the lights to take a photo!

This would make a nice key-chain

Looks good, no?

Looking at the pouch, it comes with a pleasing color, white and turquoise, well it's mostly white with Miku's shadow in turquoise in the middle. The outer layer of the pouch is quite rough, except for Miku's shadow, but it's still soft when you pressed it. It's also nicely padded on the inside, giving extra protection to the PSP. There's an extra pocket at the back of the pouch to put in more stuff like a Memory Stick or another UMD. While I like the pouch, I think it'll be better if it was a bag (like this one) instead. It's quite impossible to slide in your PSP in the silicon case into the pouch. I tried but I wasn't able to fit in less than a third of my PSP. Also, with the pouch being white, it's prone to staining.

 Miku taking center stage

Pocket for your extra UMD or Memory Stick, or small change...

Unable to fit the silicon case to the pouch :(

Case off! Much better~

Accompanying the pouch is the UMD case. Just slide in your UMD into the case and slide that case into the pocket at the back of the pouch. The case itself is white at the back, with a transparent front to view what game you put in there if you forgot. Nothing much to write about, no?

UMD case, quite simple.

With UMD inside. Yeap, I'm currently playing Hexyz Force :P

Case sliding in the pouch

I had problem translating what this piece of cloth does when I read the box as there's a single kanji that I've never seen before threw me off but after skipping that kanji and reading the rest, it turns out to be a cleaning cloth in a unique design at that. They should just indicate 'cleaning cloth' instead of 'cloth' on the box! *ahem* It's designed in Miku's signature costume. At first, I thought it was another pouch! Using it is a breeze, and you don't have to dirty the front or back. Just slide the PSP in, and start wiping! Then again, using it seems to be a waste, and one could still use a tissue paper to wipe.

 Miku's costume! It'll be great if this is a pouch!

Even the back got some Miku lovin'

Slide in to wipe

Last, but not least. the decoration sticker. There's four characters to choose from, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren and Megurine Luka. You have to be careful when peeling the sticker off and attaching it to the back of the PSP as it's transparent. Having your thumbprint smudged on the sticky side of the sticker might spoil how good the thing looks!

 Ren, Rin, Luka and Miku for your choosing

Eni mini miny mo~ which one to choose...

Testing out...

Overall, Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Accessory Set is really a great addition to your collection if you're an avid Vocaloid fan. Still, I think it would be great if the pouch is in a darker color to avoid stains but we'll just have to be careful not to get any on it.


Anonymous said...

How does one open the UMD drive with the sticker on the back? I actually have the accessory set here already, but I'm not willing to use a sticker on the back of my PSP if it's going to stick the drive door shut... >_>

bloodychaos said...

It doesn't stick the UMD drive shut actually.
The sticker has already been divided to three section -battery cover, UMD drive and the irremovable section so there's no worries about it sticking the drive shut. Though sticking it onto the PSP can be a pain...

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