Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kissxsis - Oshiete, Ako-sensei!

Keita have to study for his exams with his marks being that bad. And of course Riko and especially Ako are not that happy about it that she decides to give him a helping hand but he pretty much got too destracted...I'm pretty sure I'll be as well if she were my tutor!
With Keita admitting Ako-sensei look different, she decides to take the initiative but stopped halfway and told him to continuing studying. Riko got all jealous when she peeked through the door though. Dinner was a little 7:15 and if you notice, Ako has lost her seductive black laced bra, either that or she just hid them under those clothes. The twins started to argue and the topic got a little bit out of the way. As usual, their parents seems to be happy and supportive of it like they've planned it out on the day of their remarriage.

It's almost two, and they're still at it. Keita was already falling asleep. Not being able to wake up her precious little boy, she decides to go all out by giving out a strip show. Wait, now I'm all motivated, and so is the next guy! Too bad it's a failure though since he couldn't remembered what he studied for the test.

I'm still unable to comprehend how Ako was able to write on her body but I'm not gonna think about it. Keita is happy, so am I. Even her unexpected erotic moan wasn't anyone's delusions that it was actually real. Back in school Mikuni became Keita's accidental target when he starts to memorize things out loud. Now seriously, why is it always him!? Anyways, he was called a molester by his schoolmates but our loli, Mikazuki wasn't helping out that much.

With Ako getting more daring, she puts on her pink micro-bikini with more notes on her; this time for History.

As Keita got his grades up, the guys seems to get suspicious of things that they got caught up in more delusions...

Reminder: KissxSis is a work safe anime!

Riko, getting her jealousy gauge right up there, decides to stay in school to study how to cook. She really loves her cucumber.

Well, home is where all the action is. Keita and Ako starts to do naughty stuff in his head. Once he was awake, he has another test. One where he have to kiss Ako as punishment. What led to that? Well, it's quite a funny story....Naw, don't worry though, he got his punishment.

Let me say this again, but KissxSis is NOT pRon! Think of it family anime Kanokon!

An episode that leaves everyone not just hanging but fantasizing just about everything. If you've watched the opening, there was noticeable changes. Riko didn't get much of an airtime this time around but for Riko fans out there, I'm sure she'll have her turn.

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