Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hatsune Miku - 3rd Year Anniversary!!

Have been a little busy with some stuff so I had to hold off this post for a while. Well, 31st August marks the 3rd anniversary for Hatsune Miku, which means, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU (even if it's late)! It's been three years since Miku was out on 2007, invading Nico Nico and Youtube like there's no tomorrow.

I've originally planned to post a bunch of Hatsune Miku gallery and videos, mainly my favorites but there's too many of those, so I'll just post my top 5 favorite videos! Check them out after the break!

For those who have no idea who Miku is, here's a short intro before checking out her music!

 World is mine


Romeo and Cinderella

from Y to Y

Love is War


And there you have it! My five favs! Not five? Well, let's not get into the little details...

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