Thursday, April 29, 2010

K-ON! - Fieldtrip to Kyoto!

Ah, fieldtrips. Fieldtrips are catalysts that make people show their true selves, gain new relationships, pose for photos and of course pillow fights, Mugi style!

If anyone were to pillow fight with Mugi, I'd get out of her way, and fast. Her almost accurate headshots are no joke even if they're harmless. Aside from being able to speak fluent Kyoto-ben, she's also quite knowledgeable in tea ceremony, although, Yui's impression of an ojou-sama was somewhat funny. It didn't really suit her at all though.

Legends goes if you rub a cow's head in Kitano Tenmangu, you become smarter and since both Ritsu and Yui feels that they needs more brains, things got pretty much hectic that they received divine judgement almost instantly. Overnight at the inn was fun. Mugi brought along games, Sawako got drunk and nobody could recognize her without make-up, and Ritsu and Yui unable to enjoy their expansive dinner from overeating.

A pretty much okay episode. With Ui looking exactly like Yui in the first few seconds as in the first season, I definitely mistook her for Yui. There is one disappointment to this episode in this episode; they were missing yukatas. They should at least put on one!! Too bad that Azusa is not around for the fun since she's in a lower grade but at least with Sawako-sensei around, she can make a fine replacement.

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