Wednesday, April 7, 2010

K-ON!! -First Impressions

Moeblob anime K-ON! now has a second '!' to mark its second season. After watching the first episode, there's only one thing I have to say, the animation and part of the art seems a little rough...

The episode started out with Yui, now a third year, running towards towards the school. Knowing Yui, we all thought she's late but was later discovered that she set her alarm 1 hour earlier. First thing she did was to head to the club room and play some guitar! I can't remember what song she played though. Scenes of Mugi, Mio, Ritsu and Azu-nyan walking to school was shown while she's practicing. Once the whole gang reaches the school, they saw Yui performing her new 'killer technique'.

This episode revolves around their first day back in school with everyone who are now 2nd and 3rd years. Azu-nyan reintroduced the group with her thoughts during preparation. After the Houkagou Tea Time (HTT) practiced for the morning, they head to the notice board to check which class they are in. Mio was shaking in her shoes as she hoped she's not deployed to a different class. Yui swam through the sea of crowd and brought back the good news. Everyone's in the same class! Mio starts crying in happiness. When Yui asked Sawa-chan-sensei later on who planned the class register, Sawako-sensei said it's her doing and that it's too troublesome to learn new names. How typical...

Azu-nyan! I missed you!!

Re-introducing, the HTT

For the first day, the band decides to get as many new members as they could. And so, it's the return of the farm animals. Yui had prepared fliers as Ui suggested. But it failed. They scouted other clubs to learn from them on methods to get new members. They then pinned their hopes to their live performance during the school entrance ceremony. Azu-nyan discovered later what might be the cause for the lack of applicants...

Azu-nyan! Running for president!

Return of the farm animals.


Let's go kidnap new members!

Kidnapping plan, failed...

Learning to get members from judo to the occult

Maybe I should quit and join one of these...

This scene creeps me out, to say the truth...

Moe moe kyun?

I sort of wished they wore those maid costumes...

Killer technique! Around the world

I loved this scene for some reason.

Probably the reason why no new members wanna apply.

Overall, this episode is not that bad. Some parts of the art and animation were rough but it might be fixed in the BD version. It is still cute and quirky with a few moments that could play in your head for a few times. I'm definitely gonna watch the next episode!

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