Friday, April 9, 2010

iPad? Get it customized!

If I were to buy an'll will be hues of blue. Above is the screenshot I took when I tried out customizing the color of my iPad.

I was looking the world wide web to decide if I should get an iPhone 3Gs or a HTC Leo to replace my broken phone when I came across ColorWare along the way with their fancy iPhone 3Gs with custom colors. I was intrigued at first but when I clicked their home link, I was pretty much surprised to find a blue iPad staring at me at the site's header.

Well, I'm not that in with the iPad thing. Truth be told, I feel it's silly and its specs a little to low and pricing is ridiculous at almost $500 (apologies to iPad fans). I fell off my chair when I checked out the price for ColorWare's brand new custom iPad, a whopping 900 smackeroos; and that's only for the 16GB model! It's 64GB model cost as much as $1100, slap in another $100 and you can just buy yourself a 13" MacBook Pro. It costs 400 bucks if you send in yours to them. Here's ColorWare's video of the iPad.

You can visit their site and try out different flavor of colors to personalize your iPad.

Via: ColorWare

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