Friday, April 9, 2010

B Gata H Kei - First Impressions

I watched the first episode the other day, but the quality was bad. I managed to get a better one today so I intended to talk about episodes 1 and 2 for my first impressions. I'll be reviewing just the first half of both episodes though :p.

 She's pretty cute, ne?
Yamada (?) just entered high school and she has a grand sleep with 100 different guys! And the thing is, she's still a virgin and is afraid that guys will make fun of her. She met Kosuda in a bookshop when she fell on him, thinking he saved her and discovered he's exactly the guy she was looking for. She asked him if he was a cherry which, in turn, cause Kosuda to split in a blink of an eye.

I would love to have this loader for my phone!

But Yamada said no :(

She found out the next day they are classmates and is even sitting next to each other and was even assigned as the class librians. Kosuda was a little worried but for Yamada, it's her greatest chance. 
I love number 4 :3

During their duty, Yamada told Kosuda to rub her tummy since it was aching and she starts making her move. Kosuda ran off crying and left Yamada crying in despair.
You're touching the wrong place!

That's the end for the first half of episode one. Now for episode two...

Yea, she needs help...

The plot continues after Yamada ran off when she saw Kosuda's 'mokkori'. Kosuda was a little down, thinking that Yamada was just playing with him. In order to fix this, Takeshita suggested going to a pool together with her boyfriend. Kosuda was reluctant at first but finally decides to go with them. 

Kosuda have quite a dirty mind himself

Darn! Censorship T_T

Pool day came and Yamada name Takeshita F-shita due to her F-Cup. Takeshita introduced her boyfriend, Daisuke, and told Yamada to keep her libido in check. Kosuda completely clicked with him.
Yo, F-shita.

Takeshita's boyfriend looks familiar somehow...

I'm sensing something this anime supposed to have BL?

I definitely wanna get that sign!

After a while, Yamada and Kosuda climb some stairs to a high water slider and as we know it, Yamada got excited when she thought Kosuda was taking the initiative when she was hugged on the way down and continued with the water slides a couple of times

Stairway to adulthood(?)

My worst fears came became BL!

My role is done!?

I guess this makes things official...

After Kosuda explained later on at 'Star Box Coffee' that he's afraid of heights and that's why he clung on to her, Yamada called him lame. The group later went to a theme park for a fireworks display. Yamada was still sore about earlier and left after showing the guys off the yukata she rented. Daisuke gave some tips to Kosuda and they made up when Kosuda hugged her from behind.

The first two episodes is not bad with Yamada as 'boke' and Takeshita as 'tsukkomi'. The overall animation is not bad and the censorship was quite funny in itself. It also doesn't feel rushed and it flows quite nicely with the order of things. It was pretty much obvious that Kosude have feelings for Yamada but with Yamada acting all 'tsundere' I wonder how things will proceed...

PS: I'm pretty sure the censorship will be gone with the DVD and BD version for those who cared. Overall, I pretty much loved it and would really recommend watching it.

PSS: Anyone else thinks of Nanoha whenever Yamada starts talking?

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