Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teen throws puppies into river - 4chan investigates and identified girl (Video)

A teenage girl has now know the wrath of 4chan, and their ability to investigate one's identity within a couple of days.

The video above, features a young girl, throwing puppies she has prepared in a bucket one by one into river Vrbas, which flow through Bugojno in Central Bosnia.

Whether she's receiving death threats with her identity possibly identified is still unknown as her Facebook profile is longer around, though you can still view the said second suspect is still available to the public, though I have to say she doesn't look like the girl in the video.

Via: Telegraph

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Your lovely sis!!! haha said...

I'm gonna kill whoever that freak is!!! Cruelty to animals!!! Can I do the same thing to that person maybe a lot worse situation than that???

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