Thursday, March 25, 2010

Infinite USB...maybe

Plug in a USB, then plug in another one on it, then another...that's the general idea, a "piggy-back" USB that when there is a new device plugged in, it'll provide another port for one more and it goes on.

The idea seems great, but I doubt it'll work well, it will, but not as great. A computer usually supply 5V of electricity for each USB ports, which is the USB standard. I doubt a device can get enough juice once a third or fourth device is added in, but there is a workaround; the creator also did not forget to include an adapter in case there is not enough power.

Even if there is a chance for it to work, it'll still be quite a hassle; if you connect a device and it's all the way in the front, you might have to unmount the rest of the ports just so you could disconnect that one device. All in all, I still prefer a normal USB hub.

Check out the original website.

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