Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kalafina 2nd Album - Red Moon

I recently managed to get this neat new album called Red Moon by Kalafina. I can easily say this is their best album yet. The album includes the cover title, Red Moon. OP theme from Sora no Woto, Hikari no Senritsu (光の旋律) and Lacrimosa from the anime Kuroshitsuji.

I've got to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed listening through this album. It's filled fantasy-like sentimental songs and the instruments played on each song compliments the lyrics well. Even those at my workplace who didn't watch anime said they enjoyed the songs found in this album. If I were to rate, it'll be 9.5/10.

Here's the list of tracks found in this album
  1. Red Moon
  2. 光の旋律 (Hikari no Senritsu. Trans: Melody of Light)
  3. テトテトメトメ (Te to Te to Me to Me. Trans: Hands Together, Eye to Eye)
  4. fantasia
  5. 春は黄金の夢の中 (Haru wa Kogane no Yume no Naka. Trans: Spring is in the Golden Dream)
  6. Kyrie
  7. 闇の唄 (Yami no Uta. Trans: Song of Darkness)
  8. 星の謡 (Hoshi no You. Trans: Chanting of the Stars)
  9. storia
  10. intermezzo
  11. progressive
  12. Lacrimosa
  13. I have a dream
You can grab this album from CDJapan. You'll have to forgive me if I've translated the name of the songs wrongly, I'm really bad at reading kanji.

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