About this Channel

Welcome to this not so organized channel!
I've been wanting to create a blog site that features everything ranging from Anime, Music, Movies, News, IT and all things I, and of course others, would find interesting all in one place. But you'd find things more on IT and Anime related stuff though...

I've decided to test the waters first by using blogger.

The theme I used is based on Vanillia by Klodian. There was some modification of the codes for this site.

After 2 years of absence, I'm back! No, not with a bang...with a cold and almost freezing reaction.

About myself
I'm just another average Joe. I don't really like talking about myself either. One thing I could highlight about me is that I love Scrubs, Anime and Technology. I'm not much of a gamer though. I'm usually on the net most of the time both at work and at home. Even when I'm on a short 1 minute break during my daily workout.

Other little details...
If you like what you see or what you don't like to see and even want to suggest an article you found somewhere, just leave a comment or e-mail me. I'm not perfect and I might leave some error during my posts be it spelling or wrong specs of a certain computer or even if you want me to change the style I write in. I'll try to read what is commented, your e-mails and respond to suggestions!