Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Date tips 101

More madness awaits us as Nino woke up in Ric's room. Hoshi saw her climbing down from his room early in the morning and boy oh boy, we're gonna see blood...

As we all should probably notice by now, Hoshi had feelings for Nino and he asked Sister to get Ric to the Confession Room. A heated debate of a onesided misunderstood jealousy enraged on. But Ric remained as cool as a cucumber.

Hoshi got Sister involved, giving him the title of the ultimate human lie detector just to get everything out of Ric's mouth. He started off with the ultimate question - Have you gone on a date with Nino? Heh, I guess know the answer to that!

Hoshi's expression is just as what I expected. At this point, it was a little cliched that I was able to imagine his expression seconds before it actually showed up (different angle though). With everything that Ric spat out was labeled as the truth by Sister, Hoshi got all pissed off at Ric with his personal delusions. Once Ric spat out 'I haven't done anything' Hoshi asked THE question.

Alright, the 'cute' faced Hoshi creeped me out, no seriously! With him regaining his confidence, he decided to ask Nino for a date but not when Ric help it. As far as I can see, Ric and Hoshi can't be place in the same room.

Ric went back home to change but once he looked in the mirror, he remembered something important...he have zero experience with the other sex. It is also weird, and strangly funny how he would use every resources he have just to return all those Valentine's chocolates he received...wait, ain't that rude!? Well, Ric overdid it with his fancy sports car and white roses...and got the ultimate answer...

I at least thought that Nino would know what a date is. I was wrong. Ric is also bad at giving as he gave detailed explanation what the date is. With Nino saying 'yes' Ric went right into his own world again but Nino was only talking about the story that I found a little disgusting although she did thought it was interesting.

No seriously, they creep me out!

It's too bad that Nino used the Venusian reason to reject the little date but Ric respected her decision and asked where she wanted to go but Venus. The decided for a walk to the river mouth but first, let's don Nino into a dress!

She should wear that kind of clothes everyday!

I liked this episode but they could make away with Ric's date plan. It was a little cliched though and you could almost predict what will with every scene but it is still enjoyable nontheless.
For your info, the very last part of the show sort of suggested that the Mayor is actually a pretty boy without his suit on.

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