Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gallery - Halloween Pumpkins!

So Halloween is around the corner, and some of us at home will be busy carving out Jack-o-lanterns back home. But wait, before giving that pumpkin its new look, why not make some unique designs for it? Here's my list of top-15 pumpkin carvings!

1. Android Pumpkin (Personal Fav!)

2. Enma Ai (Hell Girl) Pumpkin
(Want to try dying once?)

3. Spidey Pumpkin
I'm tingling!

4. Gurren-dan Pumpkin
(Who the hell do you think we are!?)

5. Hell Boy Pumpkin

6. King of Pop Pumpkin

 7. Iron Man Pumpkin

8. Konata (and Yuuko) Pumpkin

9. Linux Pumpkin

 10. Transformers Pumpkin
 How did we got stuck!?

 11. Steve Jobs Pumpkin
 Apple fanboys gonna love this!

12. Wolverine Pumpkin

13. In Hell Pumpkin
Guess this pic sums all up,

14. Apple Pumpkin
Forget Jobs, this is way better!

15. Google Pumpkin

And that concludes the gallery. So what pumpkin lantern designs are you springing up this Halloween? I'd definitely go for Android and Hell Girl design! Even if Halloween is on the 31st October, it's always to plan ahead no?

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