Tuesday, August 17, 2010

angela - Aoi Haru

angela's latest single, Aoi Haru is a big surprise. I've been following them for some 2 years and I really enjoy their dark and gothic styled music which isn't present in Aoi Haru. Their new single is much more fast paced and definitely catchy but it's still fun to listen to!

Track list:

1. Aoi Haru
2. Tsunaga Room
3. Aoi Haru (off vocal version)
4. Tsunaga Room (off vocal version)

Aoi Haru
The first time I heard this song while watching the ending of Seitokai Yakuindomo I couldn't believe it was atsuko who sang it. It's definitely different from what I've used to hear from her. Aoi Haru is fast paced, upbeat, energetic, catchy and sounded a little silly at times. atsuko also sang it in a higher pitch and there's multiple instances when she speak-sings - making the lyrics quite hard to grab on to. But after listening to it once or twice, it definitely sticks in your head.

Tsunaga Room
I think Tsunaga Room is the better track in this single. It's similar to Aoi Haru, upbeat and catchy but it's more synthesized and the way atsuko sang in the chorus sounded like more like how she usually sings. The song has a more positive outlook about not being alone and it's truly enjoyable.

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