Sunday, July 25, 2010

Angel Beats! Singles and Album Review

I had troubles getting my hands on the rest of Angel Beats! singles Thousand Enemies, Little Braver and Keep The Beats! One way or another, it was sold out or I forgot to pre-order before hand until I caught a glimpse of the CDs in a gaming and hobby shop a couple of train stations away from my apartment while looking for a DVI to Dual VGA Cable. It did cost a little more than what I can get at Play-Asia or CDJapan but I could say it was well worth it.

For both singles and that lone album, all music were sung by Yui (voiced by LiSA) after Iwasawa (voiced by marina) moved on in Episode 3. Crow Song review can be found here!

Thousand Enemies is the second single. I can't really say it was as good as the first single, Crow Song, but it was equally enjoyable. Like Crow Song, this CD has three tracks all filled with great vocals and lyrics with a not-that-bad instrumentals. Yeap, the instrumentals felt a little lacking but it did went well with the lyrics and vocals.

Track list:
1. Thousand Enemies
2. Rain Song
3. Highest Life

Girl's Dead Monster's third single, Little Braver, like Thousand Enemies, wasn't as great as Crow Song although it was much better than Thousand Enemies. Even its cover song has it's own PV which features some scenes from the series. I do feel though that Little Braver can still do much better.

Track list:
1. Little Braver
2. Shine Days
3. Answer Song

And finally, the album that at one glance, looked like Bon Jovi's 'Keep the Faith'. Both album arts look strikingly similar, even the name name of the album. Keep the Beats! in my personal opinion, is a great buy. It has songs from all three singles, the OP ED single (My Soul, Your Beats/Brave Song) and a couple of songs not found in the singles. This single also came with a neat goodie, a guitar pick that has their logo on one side, and the rebellion group they are in on the other, definitely a good collectible. The songs in this album is sung by Yui, including favourite, My Song, the OP My Soul, Your Beats! and Brave Song which all had renewed background music. My Song started out light and soft like the original but changed to full rock once it hits the chorus, which is a nice move. I made it my ringtone as soon as I ripped the music! My Soul, Your Beats! and Brave Song too have seen a makeover. Another song that I have to take note of is Ichiban no Takaramono (My Most Precious Treasure), which the original can be found in the OST. I haven't heard the original yet, which was sung by karuta but I have to say, like My Song, it really made a deep impression on me.

Track list
1. Crow Song (Yui ver.)
2. Thousand Enemies
3. Shine Days
4. 23:50
5. Run With Wolves
6. Morning Dreamer
7. Rain Song
8. Alchemy (Yui ver.)
9. Ichiban no Takaramono
10. Little Braver (Album ver.)
11. My Song (Yui ver.)
12. My Soul, Your Beats! (Gldemo ver.)
13. Brave Song (Gldemo ver.)
You can get Thousand Enemies, Little Braver, Keep The Beats! via CDJapan. Or get Thousand Enemies, Little Braver and Keep The Beats via Play-Asia. Here are some clips below!

My Song (Yui Ver, chorus)

My Song (Original)

Little Braver (PV)

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