Saturday, June 12, 2010

MangaHelpers Shutting Down - Pending Launch of OpenManga

 A couple of days back, manga publishers in both U.S. and Japan unite to take action against scanlation, one of such site, MangaHelpers, have decided to shut down their site.

They haven't been contacted by the publishers but they do belief that they have serve the publisher's market and franchise and introduced new readers to manga. They have also disable all kinds of uploading and linking of manga raws (or untranslated manga scans) and scanlations. Scanlators are the only users that could access the library to backup their works.

With MangaHelpers shutting down, they've announced the launching of OpenManga - a new way for manga artists to upload their work online after. Manga authors, artists and even publishers could work with scanlators to publish their works while making it free and provide income to these mangakas (manga artists). Mangakas could also sell merchandise and accept donations.

From the replies in MangaHelpers itself, they have quite an increasing number of  supporters. They've also mentioned over 70 artists express interest in the platform though I'm not sure how the publishers are going to take this news as.

The OpenManga website with a teaser image has been launched.

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