Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Which is worse, fire or eviction?

I like how Sister performs his fire drill in case of emergencies - start a simulated-but-real fire and make it a tradition. The fact Rick was complacent for a few moment, like how we all usually are, till he saw the bonfire and climb down his home in mere seconds actually caught my eye as he confronts the arsonic Sister. Sister being a mother bird with Chief was expected but I did agree with Rick that he's spoiling Chief too much.

One of the best part of the episode in my opinion, came out quite early. Pudding Hoshi. Don't ask why, I just like how he's drooping. But with the fire still blazing on, they started a bucket relay to extinguish it with Rick excluding Chief. I would do the same if I were him. The smell of burning and melting rubber isn't that wonderful - even if he's a self proclaimed kappa cooks himself in the fire. Still, he remain's the apple of everyone's eye that you just can't hate.

With the fire now extinguished, the residents have more trouble ahead of them as they get invaded by the father of Ichinomiya Kou. Rick tried to explain the serverity of the situation to Chief who simply took it all way too lightly. Rick was almost convinced Chief was able to do something just to regret it but with a goverment agent already up their case but meeting him the second time was an unexpected twist. His almighty attitude is gone as soon as he met the goddess Maria and that's where I got this thought of letting her meet Rick's dad.

Still, Chief's decision to move was unexpected. I thought he'd would at least to something to protect the place. Nino's rebutting that thought was something I think everyone whould expect so what are they're going to do next is a great wonder.

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