Thursday, May 13, 2010

K-ON!! - Pitter Patter Pitter Patter

It's raining and much to the horror of the keion-bu, they are doing everything they can to protect their instruments from mold. Such an example will be Yui and her lover, Gitah - even her sister and classmates called it her boyfriend. She got all wet just to make sure it's dry. You can say that this week's episode mostly focus on Yui and her obsession with Gitah

I find it refreshing to see some of them out of their blazers truth be told and especially Yui's new uniform and I can't stop myself but be amused when Sawako-sensei reprimanded Yui for it even though she was the one who actually made them and went into Higurashi mode when Ritsu was about to remind her just that. Yui did get defiant for a moment when Nodoka got her gym uniforms. Setting Yui clumsiness at housework aside, it's surprising to find out Mugi and Ritsu could do basic housework.

On another note, I didn't expect for Azusa to have online impulse shopping and was quick to change the subject when asked their usefulness. She became the center of attention when she commented on Yui's quirk of talking to Gitah and got teased by her sempais for being in a love triangle. Too bad we won't get to see Gitah attacking Yui again after that. I'm still amazed with Yui's ability to tell when a tune is off without a tuner and giving names to everyone's instruments without a second thought.

An interesting episode so the list with Mio's bass now named Elizabeth and Azusa's Mustang now Muttan, I can't stop and think what will happen wait, Mio already did way more than I expected.

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