Sunday, April 11, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru - First Impressions

At first, I thought it was gonna be some shounen-ai anime. I've decided to give it a try when I became curious about it and looked around for a little more info on it. And yea, they were right.

The first episode started out with a solemn scene; a dream of Sakurai Yuki's past life. Yuki is an orphan whi has been living in Asahi orphanage since birth when he was found on a bench with the word 'Yuki' on a piece of paper. Despite his weak, girlish like structure, it appears he is quite strong and have won a few times in some tournaments. His fighting ability was also shown later when he pinned down a delinquent kicking some guy at a bus stop.

On top of that, he is quite famous in school especially to the girls despite getting two death notes by some anonymous person. From his reaction when a group of his fans talked to him, I can make a guess that he's not exactly that good with the opposite gender.

He also has this uncanny ability to see the darkness of a person heart when he touched them which was shown during his 'fight' with the delinqent and one of his schoolmate, Uzuki. He quite hated by Uzuki since he showed a pitiful face which Uzuki himself hates and apparently, Uzuki was the one who sent those death threats.

If that's a tattoo, it's cool

I was quite stuck onto the monitor. Animation wise is not bad but some parts were too dark to see. It could be just the file I used though. The first episode, feels like little cliche. The plot itself feels similar to past anime I've watched before but I'm still willing to give this one a try.

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