Monday, April 12, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 02

It started out with Kou, now called Ric (short for Recruit), having renovated his new room under the said bridge and Nino came by to give him some food. It's pretty hilarious when Kou overreacted when he found out it's only him and her alone and starts to think of what to say.

It then featured Kou again, who have been itching for a bath but his room doesn't have a shower nor is there a bath house nearby to find Nino bathing in an oil drum. Yet again, he sure did overreact!

I'm in despair! I was hoping she's at least...

With Kou being oddly disappointed not being able to see his lover in the nude, he finally managed to take a dip he has been longing for. Nino helped to shampoo his hair using a cleanser for cleaning sinks and Kou started crying.

I kinda liked this hairdo.

Then once again we're back to Kou's childhood about his dad shampooing his hair and the very next day his dad wearing a bib and asked him to pay back the favor which to him, is quite a painful memory.

Dad, do you go to work wearing that?

Kou found some houses near the river. There, he met Shiro who he simply assumed an alien. Shiro invited him to his welcoming party. He found more weird people donned in different kinds of masks and costumes while barbequing food. When it's time for his introduction, he made a...good(?) impression which in return, received a good kick in the face by the kappa mayor. He later on redid his introduction and became enemy of the state almost in an instant

Sunday then came, and the two couple went for a Mass. It was pretty much surprising to find a church like building under the bridge. The Sister looked like someone who'll actually belonged to Black Lagoon's Church of Violence. But hey, Mass ended in a measly 5 seconds.

Black Lagoon?

It's another wacky episode, I've got to admit the series got stuck on me oddly enough. This time around, they've introduced more characters but for now, we only know two of their names but we can expect to get to know more of them soon enough. Kou, now men's enemy number one will probably find things getting even weirder in the next episode. Wait, did is he getting stalked?

That's the end of my long informational rant. I'm thinking we might see more of Mayor cosplay soon...

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