Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Return of the loli yakuza

Continuing with their date from episode three, Ric and Nino take a 12km walk from the bridge to the river mouth. Something caught my eye in an instant; what happened to Nino's dress? Anyways, with 0-EXP on the 'Date' gauge, Ric sure jumped in with strange ideas.

As the date continues on, Ric gathered up enough courage to ask Nino about the dress and her past, but she evaded the question with her Venusian lineage. Things did get a little awkward but their attention drifted to the grass boat she made before. In order to cheer her up he decided to help free the boat but fell in the water.

After all the 2 emotional chapters of the episode, we're back at the church, military style, with a new scary *ahem* I mean cute, character, Stella who came from Sister's orphanage in England. Naturally, Ric became the victim to care of her and, get this, playing with her is as painful as getting getting hit by a car. I can certainly feel Ric's pain when being hit by Stella's air-combo. But the best part came once sister reminded her she can only use 3-combo attacks on normal people. Losing the match made Ric the little brother of a yakuza-like loli...

Gathering ingredients for cakes at the bridge is as easy as getting a drink from the vending machine and is ran by Sister's greatest fear, Maria. Despite having a great face to her name, she's pretty much a sadist with her sharp poisoned tongue that she gauge everyone to be lower than grass and should learn to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Even Sister can't fight against her and keeps apologizing and his greatest weakness was exploited with ease that it reopens old wounds.

Another episode fun-filled with surprises. It's the first time I've actually seen Nino blushed and show emotions other than her poker face, a loli aneki, and Sister defeated with no effort. It's funny how Ric got into the whirlpool of weird days.

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