Friday, May 28, 2010

B Gata H Kei - Cheergirl Banzai!

Part 1
With Kosuda being 'rejected' in front of the shoe locker, he most probably thought it wasn't clear enough at the train and gave it another shot - infront of their classmates. How'd that happened? Maybe it was due to that suppsedly secret popularity contest amongst the guys with Yamada and Kyouka's tiebreaker resting on his shoulders. I do however would like to give Kosuda a pat on the back for being a man he didn't know he is even though it was just an accident.

Too bad that Yamada had zero experience in love, well maybe that's why I find it annoying (a little bit funny) when she shot down Kosuda again with Miyano who just so happened to be infront of the class and despite being happy with that confession. Why can't she just be honest with herself for once!? A chance appeared again when their teacher "forced" these two confession couple to be in the atheletic meet committee. Anyways, I did feel for Kosuda though when he cried and asked her to simply tell him she hates him. Makes it easier for him to just give up but Yamada simply apologized and said she didn't hate him after some thrash talking from Takeshita. But boy these two are so dense that even Erogami-sama got riled up. Well at least Kosuda got an answer that Takeshita translate as "I like you". She even spit it out right in Yamada face what her true feelings are that almost drove her suicidal...

Part 2
With Yamada still feel awkward around Kosuda, Kosuda sought advice from Matsuo who already have a rough idea what happened thanks to Takeshita. Still, the rivalry between Yamada and Kyouka never fail to amuse me. Even the arrival of Kanejou Keiichi was interesting with Kosuda's reference of their cameras and specs but at least he doesn't have to worry about him stealing Yamada. Afterall, Yamada shot him down instantly but that didn't seem to faze him. Instead, it made him more interested in her. At least the next episode will be fun-filled with their long-awaited date. For now we could at least enjoy the special cheergirl service!

On the side note, I'll be dropping my review for Kiss x Sis due to time constraint.

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