Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Impressions - supercell feat.初音ミク - supercell tribute ~Stowaways~

This album is released at Comic Market 79, sadly though, I didn't have the time (and money) to go, so I wasn't actually able to get a copy of this album, which I sadly, had to download. Kinda hoping CDJapan will have it soon enough. It is available for preorder at the Sony Music Shop which costs slightly higher than Comic Market price. Release date is on the 17th January 2011.
Now to the main event, here's the tracklist of the album
1.Koi wa Sensou remixed by MachigeritaP
2.Heart Breaker remixed by Nashimoto Ui
3.Melt remixed by cosMo(BousouP)
4.Black★Rock Shooter remixed by minato(RyuseiP)
5.Kurukuru Maaku no Sugoi Yatsu remixed by Yuyoyuppe
6.Line remixed by JimmyThumbP
7.World is Mine remixed by Dixie Flatline
8.Hajimete Koi ga Owaru Toki remixed by doriko
9.Usotsuki no Parade remixed by Kobayashi Onyx
10.Sono Ichi Byou Slow Motion remixed by KNOTS
11.Hinekure Mono remixed by Travolta
12.Mata ne remixed by ichi(BaguettesEnsemble)
I was interested in how these remixes will be when I saw the tracklist. Most of them are good, like Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki remix while some, like Melt remix, is okay but I prefer the original one better. Overall, it's a pretty decent album but personally I might go back to ryo's version soon after

Here's a couple of tracks that I could find on youtube. Enjoy!

Melt remixed by cosMo(BousouP)

World is Mine remixed by Dixie Flatline

I could only find these, for now and I couldn't find any in NicoNico, for some odd reason.

Official Website

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