Saturday, March 20, 2010

I opened this Channel! Now what...?

Well, I started this random thing since being bored, so what now?

Here's a slight intro. Is it going to be wordy? Maybe yes, maybe no. We'll see once I finished typing. To start off, welcome! Well, I've no idea what to say other than that, so well, there goes my first post.

Naw, it's not over. I was lurking around youtube a couple of hours back, and I found this interesting movie trailer...

Scary? Dunno. It looks interesting. It's a horror flick about 'hikikomori', which means 'shut ins' in Japanese and looks quite promising and we all know that Thai horror flicks scare the crap out of anybody.

But saying hikikomori are available only in Japan is quite untrue, in my opinion anyways.

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