Thursday, March 21, 2013

BT05: Cross-rides and what not...

So everyone's has been pretty much very hyped up about BT05 - Awakening of Twin Blades ever since it got released into the English world since 22nd February, due to the arrival of cross-rides. Despite the cheers of most English players and the jeers of some, I wasn't that excited about them. My Kagero and Shadow Paladin deck runs better without having the Department of the Environment or Peanut Butter Overlord in their midst. My Little Brother? I don't even play that clan (Royal Paladin).

To be perfectly honest, cross-rides don't fit my play style. I generally play cards that others deemed "weak" or anti-meta even for that clan itself. Dragonic Lawkeeper is my vanguard of choice for Kagero and Ildona-Dark Dictator combo for Shadow Paladins. They work like a charm even against the over hyped  and even more expensive cross-rides out that for these two clans that are mostly overplayed. Even unskilled players can play and win tournaments with cross-rides but it takes an even more skilled player to play with cards that are considered weak and ace that tournament.

From the tone of the above rants, yes, I personally don't like cross-ride and I don't play them. After a year of experience against cross-rides against Japanese card players, I just find them not so appealing. Even with B09 having cross-rides for Ezel, I'm not planning to play him, but thanks for the offer.  For those who wants to play him, sure carry on.

Well, looks like I strayed a bit too far from what I wanted to post. So let's go on with what I wanted to do. With the advent of 12k/13k Vanguards. It is now quite prudent to actually aim for 17k/18k for at least a 10k guard. But after playing against cross-rides for almost a year, the best way to go against cross-rides are their rearguards. Simply because for PBO, MBL and DOTE, their rearguards can form a 20k line fairly easily in the form of BedivereMasquerade and Burning Horn with an 8k booster at the back. Let's not forget about Palamedes shall we? And because of this, most cross-ride players will guard their rearguards as if they are treasures, forcing them to even over guard if needed.

My style against cross-rides will differ depending on the deck that I use but charging against their rearguards is one of the most underused tactics most players will do - as many will try to end it as quickly as possible by directing all their attacks to the vanguard. Even those 16k columns that will net only a 5k guard. Try hitting their rearguards instead; you'll force them to throw a 10k guard or 15k if you managed to get a trigger. If they don't guard, that's one rearguard gone. You'll notice how weak cross-rides will be after a few matches that your opponent will beg you to stop hitting their sides.

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