Friday, September 10, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Rocking Trailer

I really loved the first season of Arakawa Under the Bridge, I mean, who wouldn't? Strange people living under one bridge with their out of the ordinary antics. Rick's oh-so-sharp tsukkomi and the rest of the gang's hilarious and weird way of everyday life strangely attracts me to the series. I'm glad a second season will be out in a month's time with a new name Arakawa Under the Bridge × Bridge (or Bridge x 2, your choice).

Well, here's a trailer of Hoshi playing the guitar, with his signature "ORE NO T-SHIRT"...t-shirt. The trailer in itself is not animated and would make one think it's a trailer for a Live Action version. And Hoshi's mask seemed to be well made, even though it's unable to show the wearer's expression or turn soft like it did in the series. Well, at least enjoy the trailer after the jump for now!

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