Monday, August 16, 2010

Black★ Shooter Metal Charms!

Heck, I didn't know these were actually around! I was searching for Black Rock Shooter DVD (or Blue Ray) when the first results yields the Rock Cannon and Dead Scythe metal charms. I was surprised as I didn't know they even existed! Rock Cannon is Black Rock Shooter's signature's weapon while Dead Scythe belongs to Dead Master. Both accessories looks really cool that I had a hard time choosing one. In the end, I ended getting both since their release dates are different, 28th September for Rock Cannon and 28th October for Dead Scythe.

Both metal charms are made of brass and from what I know, it's quite limited. I was quite lucky I found it today, as tomorrow, 17th August, is the pre-order deadline. Would I recommend it? Yes if you're a hard core fan or into accessories!

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