Monday, July 19, 2010

K-ON!! & Seitokai Yakuindomo Cross Over! (Video)

Akiyama Mio and Tainaka Ritsu's seiyuus, Hikasa Youko and Satou Satomi also voiced Amakusa Shino and Shichijou Aria. All four characters are totally opposite of each other where Shino is dirty minded as compared to Mio and Aria is more refined than Ritsu. Now what would happen if Mio, Ritsu, Shino and Aria swapped's a few clips denoting that! Still, it's kind of weird having Youtube recommending the second clip for me as soon as I logged on...Anyways, first two are on Mio while the third one is on Ritsu!

Thumbs up to those who made these.

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Anonymous said...

omg i hust figgure this out 2 days ago without any help... thnks for making sure of it.

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