Wednesday, May 19, 2010

K-ON!! - Tea Party!!

A great episode that even the large wedding-like-cake can't even beat. And here are some reasons why - Mio getting stalked, teased and freaked out the way we all know and came to love. The stalker case was solved 5 minutes into the episode where we found out the Mio-fanclub is still around.

Everyone thought it was disbanded when the previous president, Sokabe Megumi, graduated but passed it on to Nodoka who was pretty reluctant. It was cute when she recollected the time she cried infront of Nodoka when someone finally took her stalker case seriously. Juicy part was when Mio mentioned how Megumi knew the ins and outs of the keion-bu.

It gets even better during the tea party. Mio-chan goods can be found all over the place and she can't even give a proper speech without biting her tongue, twice. The tea party really looked like a wedding ceremony but nothing beats the 100 thriller tale questions till Mio lost her colors. At least Ritsu's slideshow restored her color back and starts reading out a prose she wrote which got me, and the other students lost. But hey, their live performance saved the day anyways.

It'll be great if Mio came in a something else other than her school uniform and for once, I agreed with Sawa-chan's comment.

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