Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - The Leeching CEO

I didn't really expect a new opening sequence. Nevertheless, the opening was still okay and it's mainly about Maria verbally abusing Sister. Another surprising element in the new opening is its similarity to Maria+Holic's (another of SHAFT's production) opening. Oddly enough, both Mariya and Maria are quite sadistic naturally.

Continuing from episode 4, Sister can be seen "dead" after being killed from Maria's "You're boring" comment. I guess being told that from the lady you like is the final blow for any men alike. Like Ric, I was expecting them to carry more things back instead of Sister's corpse. I find it interesting Maria find Sister's suffering cute though. A little on their way back Sister explained many things to Ric such as his mercenary disciplines. Ric was pretty quick to catch on though. At least we know Sister is the 'too-pure-pure-boy' type of hunk.

I guess the main thing in this episode would be the introduction of P-ko, the gal who takes care of the vegetable patch. Hmm, Arakawa bridge does have everything; from Maria's mini farm to the fields. Anyways, back to the situation at hand, I'm not sure how to summarize P-ko as. Dojikko? Persistent chains of bad luck? A little paranoid? Well, one thing for sure she's close to Nino, love bell peppers and admires the Chief.

Stella's welcoming party, should I say, was the funniest part of all aired five episodes. Maria's comment to Sister being a lolicon was classical when it's timed with Stella hogging on to him. Ric's attempt to give her a name that mirrored her true nature was instantly rejected by Chief. He was also surprised that each homeless actually had a job. Nino is the fisherman, Sister runs the church, Maria takes care of the farm and P-ko with the her fields. It's get even funnier when Maria describes him as a 'himo' (紐 - a guy who's dependent on his woman) or as I call it, a leech. Hey, he's the wealthiest guy out there, but not like it matters at the bridge. Of course it doesn't sit well with Ric.

With news of Ric being a leech, Hoshi decides to rub it in his face and rants on and on about being a musician. Of course Ric rebutted by playing the violin. Well, I guess the next episode will be a musical showdown between these two rivals.

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