Monday, April 5, 2010

Student beaten by teachers for dyed hair

Teachers beat a second year student for 30 minutes just for having his hair dyed for Kyoto trip last July.

The school, from Hyuga, Miyazaki prefecture, had organized a student's outing to Kyoto when one of the student arrived with his hair dyed, which to the teachers, is a noncompliance to the school dress code. Things got worse once they arrive at their location. The student in question was brought to a room and forced to sit in a 'seiza' position. He was slapped in the cheek and palms five times and kicked 4 times for 30 minutes. They then took him to a nearby barber shop where his head was shaved with his consent apparently.

His parents protested to the school after the trip, where they apologize immediately and also held a parent-teacher meeting to explain the circumstances. The three teachers were simply given a scolding. His parents also filed a report to the police in late September which the court suspend the accusation as "the three teachers are remorseful".

The news came up this year when it happened last year. But for the teachers to physically beat him and forced him to shave his head, I doubt they really feel remorseful since they did manage to keep their jobs.

From: 2-chan via Yomiuri

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