Monday, April 26, 2010

MBP Core i7 can even fry eggs!

The MacBook Pro equipped with Core i7-620M processor can turn up the heat, literally. During PC Authority recent stress test of Apple's latest MBP line up, they noticed that the shiny silver notebook get pretty hot; hot enough to be hazardous. Running Maxon's Cinebench 11.5 caused the temperature to go as high as 95 degrees Celsius on round one and it went even higher on round two at whopping 101°C. I wouldn't want that thing on my lap at that time. It's buddy, the Fujitsu Lifebook SH 760 with the same processor was 20°C cooler at 81°C, and it was even cooler to the touch. Hopefully Apple will do something about these temperatures before someone get fried.

Edit: On the side note, notice that the processor screencap for Fujitsu's notebook was a Core i5?

Via: PC Authority

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