Friday, May 7, 2010

B Gata H Kei - Sweet Old Forbidden Love

Part 1
4 seasons has passed in 6 episodes, that's pretty fast if you ask me. If you're getting a sense of dejavu while watching the first few minutes of the episode, you're not alone. Yamada is still a virgin and she's still aiming to have sex with a hundred of different guys. Will it go as planned? I doubt so afterall, Chika is in the same school with her now and gets hit on as soon as she got to school, Miyano is in the same class with her and the Kyouka that was last seen in episode 3. It's almost a guarantee that Yamada is worried that Kosuda might be seduced by Kyouka and looks up the net for shotguns and suicide bombing kits.

WIth Kyouka just returned home from the US, she got famous instantly with those around her hollering "As expected from someone who studied abroad!". Even Yamada is filled with envy when she tried to bad mouth her, talk about self destruction. Kyouka's "perapera" lines during English class was something I didn't expect. A gag or to avoid Engrish? I have no idea.

Part 2

As if one could see it coming, Kyouka has a hidden messed up personality. Other than her being narcissistic, she's has a servere case of brother-complex. It's interesting how Yamada is much more worried of her stash of porn under her bed when she suspected Kyouka is trying to poison her but it gets better when Yamada saw a box in Kyouka's panty drawer and suspected it to be a dildo but in reality it's a switch to a secret room filled with her brother's merchandise. With both party agreeing that there only a need for one queen, Kyouka challenged Yamada get Yamada's boyfriend licking her shoes in a month. I kind of pity Kosuda that Yamada didn't think of him as her boyfriend. Even erogami-sama got angry at her for that. Anyways, this episode is really fun and I just can't wait to see how the victim will react with two beauties trying to get to his pants.

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