Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Sukumizu Nino

The battle between Hoshi and Rick continues in the church. Rick won the battle and gave Hoshi a choice for penalty - to give up Nino or give up his job. Even though Rick won, he lost in some ways and is still refered to as "Himo-niisan" which is a brutal damage to his ever large ego despite being filthy rich.

While Rick is busy thinking of what he can actually do at the bridge, Nino and the Tetsu-brothers (Tetsuo and Tetsuro) is by the river. Rick's reaction was was pretty normal when the brothers is trying to learn to swim - though I do recommend them to take off that helmet of theirs; it looks heavy. Nino's ability to stay underwater for 8 minutes didn't actually surprise me, but her ability to teach someone is just as bad as Hoshi's "Himo Song". This is where Rick shines and his first suggestion is to remove those deadweights on their heads but decides to block out anything nonsensical that is coming out of their mouths. In the end, he decides to teach them using styrofoam packaging as kick boards. It's funny how he lands himself a job after being commended by Nino and Chief.

Running into the self-proclaimed kappa we call the Chief and the bath house got even funnier when Rick mentioned "you're one of those". Cheif went on and on about even youkais can get colds while Rick was actually thinking he's a big idiot. Afterall, idiots don't catch colds. As for Chief's cure for cold, in a way, disgusts me with his "Decoction of a live kappa made from me".

With Rick having a chance to graduate from being a leech and working as a teacher who teaches common sense, he's looking forward to a more refined group of people at the bridge like a common sensed Hoshi, Sister, Shiro and Nino. And it looks like the next episode will be focusing on that.

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