Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Bromance

With two of his secretaries, Shimazaki and Takai found him at the bridge, Rick have to tell a huge lie about running a power plant business under the bridge. As for the supporting cast, he asked Sister, Maria and Shiro for help claiming that they are the closest to being normal. Big mistake Rick, big mistake.

Maria for one isn't that pleased of getting to keep the 3 million yen Dolce&Gabanna suit Rick gave her and stressed that he's at the bottom of the pyramid - the pariah. He was almost caught but managed to make a big comeback. Sister flashed out his gun when Takai reached for his business card - funny part is Rick was hoping he can pull it through. Shiro by far exceeded Rick's expectation and was the most normal of all three and even managed to score a point with Shimazaki.

Misery do love company, that's how Rick probably view it when Chief, Hoshi and Nino happily skipped into the scene. The three of the last people he last wanted to see arrived and it became too darn funny to comment. Chief unwillingly became the mascot. Nino was a little hard to crack. When Rick mentioned she was his secretary, Takai didn't sound that pleased and started a preach where nobody's listening and became even more displeased when he found out Nino is Rick's lover to the point of doing the matrix and losing more hair. Turns out he has a "crush" on Rick. Hoshi found this as a chance and followed up with 'homo' jokes only to be traumatised by Rick's and Takai's cavity checks and burned even more when Rick and Nino kissed. The poor star now thinks he a simple old starfish...

Aside from Rick acting weird and Hoshi probably won't be able to heal or be the same again, Takai finally approved of Rick's and Nino's relationship as he had always thought he was the one who could save Rick from loneliness. Sister too approved of their relationship since he wasn't killed during Sister's 24/7 observational period. Little does Rick know, he's being secretly observed by his father.

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